My dream has come true Ox & Dove opens for business next week!

After 36 years of creating graphic design for products and services, and decades of creating e-commerce sites for iconic brands—dreaming that one day I’d create an e-commerce site/brand of my own—my dream is coming true. With lifetime friends and business partners, Bob Borden and Darcy Brown, and nearly 2 years of planning, product design and brand development, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be opening for business within the week to come.

Please come dream with me, visit and sign up for our eList to see what we’ve been dreaming and soon becoming reality.

Latest Mods to Yoshimi

Here's the latest mods to Yoshimi in preparation for upcoming Sept. Big Bend trip. Lycra Brush Guards, CNC Pivot Brake/Clutch Levers, Pro Taper Pastrana Handlebars, Pro Taper Grips, Double Take Mirrors, 12 oClock Labs Light Kit, and Moose Skid Plate.