25 Random Things About Me

This is something I participated in with some friends a while back. I ran across it again and thought I’d share it. Here’s a little more about me, for you.

1. Chain mail makes me feel ill.
2. My left ear is lower than my right.
3. I like cherry pie, and NOT cake.
4. Fashion is for the masses.
5. My shoe size is 11.625″.
6. People that live in Texas and bitch about it makes me sorry for them.
7. Computers are my friends.
8. Typography is my mistress.
9. Graphic Design is my bitch.
9. Dana is my lover.
10. My kids are my reality.
11. Snowboarding is my old friend, I miss her.
12. City driving is something I avoid.
13. My fingernails need trimming.
14. My toenails are not painted.
15. I dig all things Asian.
16. I did not get a astrophysics degree.
17. My truck has a 9000 pound towing capacity.
18. I’m reading Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.
19. I trust my friends with my life.
20. I don’t trust my clients, unless they’re my friends.
21. I prefer BC Powder.
22. I’ve broke over 15 wine glasses last year.
23. I fall off my friend’s deck regularly.
24. I think pixels are sexy.
25. When I grow up, I plan to save the world from Extinction.